Financing of start-ups

This applies not least to those who invest a large part of their private capital, and not least to those who start an individual company instead of a public limited company.

Try to finance your business or organization in the best possible way. Starting a company is not something you should underestimate if you take it seriously. First, very basic research should be done. Questions one can ask are, for example. if you really need to borrow money? If you choose to borrow money, it can be good to compare business loans. This can be done on websites like this, by comparing eg. interest rates or other terms. Please read about which loans have terms that are right for you.

You have to budget

You have to budget

Look at what needs are and what is realistic. Many times you also have to have a buffer as some things can be much more expensive than you expected. This applies not least to construction contracts, metal industries and similar businesses. For those who do not want to become small businesses, but make a serious investment, reliable employees and broad expertise from eg. economists and accountants.

The company’s owners usually take the greatest risk in corporate finance, both financially and legally. Large start-up capital and with the right abilities among the employees contribute to long-term survival. It reduces the likelihood of having to carry out risky new issues or cause other problems. Above all, it takes time to build a profitable business from scratch. Many times a start-up can also be financed in several ways.

Ordinary corporate financing

Ordinary corporate financing

  • Own start capita
  • Corporate loans from major banks
  • Corporate loans from smaller credit institutions
  • advance payments
  • Operating loans
  • Credit from suppliers
  • Riskkaptial

Own starting capital

Usually there are no grants for individual companies, limited companies or the like. There are exceptional cases where Försäkringskassan enters if, for example, These are companies that are started by people with disabilities, immigrants or low-income earners who need support at start-up. This is called starting your own contribution, and can be applied for at the Employment Service.

Most people who want to start a business do not, at least not get the whole start of business financed by government or other organizations. Those who have their own start-up capital usually get this through saved assets such as salary, inheritance or securities. It can also be donations or at least a smaller percentage of grants.

Venture capital

Lucrative companies with good growth potential can be financed with the help of venture capital companies and business angels. This usually also means that the venture capital company becomes part owner of the company. This can accelerate growth and make the company grow faster. This is important, not least for new markets and expansive markets. Venture capital companies also often want companies to have the ability to grow in an international market.

Credits and loans

Credits and loans

It is very common, especially for ordinary small business owners to apply for a loan from a major bank or a credit institution. This applies both to those who want to start a new business or to existing business owners such as want to expand their restuarang or lease a car.

Ordinary bank loans may be suitable for large material investments. The bank places high demands on borrowers, especially with large corporate loans. Security and potential creditors are also required to be able to return their money. Large banks, as well as smaller credit institutions and loan intermediaries, offer different types of loans for different investment needs and for different types of company owners.

The bank also usually assesses business plan and budget, which should be considered profitable. This can also play a role, as different requirements for security can be placed on different business models. The security may, for example, affect the company’s stock or other property.

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