Is it possible to borrow money for a car despite payment remarks?

Cars cost a lot of money, which means that you usually have to borrow in order to buy a new one. If there are payment remarks, this can be a major obstacle for you who want to borrow money. But fortunately, it doesn’t have to be impossible to borrow money, although it will probably be tough.

For example, if you look at the classic big banks, everyone says that they do not accept applications from people who have payment notes. But that said, there are actually little opportunities to borrow from them anyway. But in order for there to be any chance of doing so, it will be required that you repay the debts to Kronofogden and then otherwise have a good finances. You also have to meet them in person and then explain your situation and then it is required that you can convince them that you have a good finances even if there is a payment note.

Then it is important to remember that a lender never has any obligations to lend money to an applicant, but it is entirely up to them who decides who can borrow. This means that even if in your eyes you have sufficient finances to borrow even if there are payment notes, then the bank may not like it and then they will not accept an application.

Lenders addressing persons with remarks

Lenders addressing persons with remarks

There are lenders who have chosen to focus on lending money to people who have payment complaints. These can very possibly help you in case you want to take out a car loan but have payment notes.

In order to borrow money, it is then usually required that you repay your debt and that you then pass their credit check. Furthermore, you may be required to, for example, have something other than a car to provide as collateral for the loan as a home. Or that you have someone who is likely to enter as a guarantor for a loan. You may also be prepared to pay a slightly higher interest rate for a loan from these lenders. The fact that the interest rate is higher has to do with the fact that it is actually a greater risk for a lender to lend money to a person who has not previously repaid a loan as planned.

Hard but not impossible

Hard but not impossible

All in all, it can be said that it is definitely harder to borrow for a car if you have payment notes but that is not impossible. But if it is prepared to fight and ensures that the economy is in good shape, it should not be impossible in any way. If you still have debts and problems to get the economy together every month, you should not expect to get a car loan and it is then also doubtful if you should try to borrow.

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