Breaker Boy by Mary Cottingham
Breaker Boy by Mary Cottingham (USA)

Mosaic Yearbook 6

An International Portfolio of Mosaic Art

A collective portfolio of contemporary mosaic art created by 588 artists from around the world. 1028 original mosaics in all genres are beautifully presented in 2 CDs.
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About the Mosaic Yearbook

Mosaic 6 CD Technical Specs

  • PC and Macintosh compatible
  • Realistic 3D page-flipping provides natural, intuitive viewing experience
  • Table of Contents and Index help you locate specific artists
  • Bookmarking makes it easy to return to mosaics you like

Mosaic Art 6 is a celebration of the incredible diversity and creativity of contemporary mosaic art. This exceptional art form, rich in thousands of years of tradition, is experiencing a renaissance that includes exciting new ideas and approaches.

This 2 CD gallery is one of the largest collections of contemporary mosaics ever assembled. Mosaic Art 6 contains 1028 high-resolution photographs of mosaics created in 2010 by artists from around the world.